Acer TravelMate 8571 Windows XP Driver 32 Bit

TravelMate 8571 Windows XP Professional 32 B Driver
The TravelMate 8571 leaves an overall convincing impression. The workmanship is on a very high level and the design is striking through its simplicity. The input devices barely give in and work precisely. Furthermore, the low temperature and the low noise development are pleasing. The biggest asset is the excellent battery life of more than 9 hours, though. Thus, the TravelMate 8571 advances to the perfect mobile escort with its compact dimensions and low weight. Because a matt display is used, there is nothing standing in the way of an extended excursion.
The TravelMate 8571 is, despite its advantages, not unfettered from flaws. Hence, the sound as well as the given performance is rather average. The connectivity turns out rather meager, especially the missing HDMI port is disadvantageous. However, the biggest critique point is the mediocre display with its low brightness and its weak contrast.

Basically, we can recommend the TravelMate 8571 to private and business users, who are looking for an office notebook for work, studies or vacation that is as mobile as possible. For those, however, who not only value a long battery life but a high performance as well, should look for an alternative with a faster processor and stronger graphic units.
Drivers for Acer TravelMate 8571 Windows XP Driver 32 Bit here:

Chipset Intel Chipset Driver 2.2 MB

3G Huawei 3G Module Driver 13.3 MB

AHCI Intel SATA AHCI Driver (F6 Floppy) 600.0 KB

AHCI Intel SATA AHCI Driver 21.7 MB

Audio Realtek Audio Driver 58.3 MB

Bluetooth Broadcom Bluetooth Driver 102.5 MB

Bluetooth Foxconn Bluetooth Driver 102.5 MB

Camera Chicony Camera Driver for 0.3M 2.8 MB

Camera Suyin Camera Driver 6.7 MB

Camera Suyin Camera Driver for 1.0M 6.6 MB

Camera Suyin Camera Driver 3.3 MB

Fingerprint EGISTEC Fingerprint Driver 6.2.80 102.0 MB

Lan Realtek LAN Driver 5.754.308.2010 5.3 MB

TouchPad Synaptics Touchpad Driver 20.9 MB

VGA ATI VGA Driver 8.603 155.9 MB

VGA Intel VGA Driver 13.3 MB

WiMax Intel WiMax Driver 1.1.2 39.9 MB

Wireless LAN Foxconn Wireless LAN Driver 5.7 MB

Wireless LAN Intel Wireless LAN Driver 189.6 MB