Sony VAIO FZ instalation 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows 7, and 64 Bit Vista Guide


The following steps below include various driver sources and install instructions.

1. Install your edition of Windows 7. I chose to change the UAC setting to never notify. If you leave it in the default setting, various prompts may open when installing the drivers and utilities. Open "Computer", click the "Organize" tab, navigate to "folder and search options", click "View" tab, and uncheck "Hide empty drives in the computer folder". Also uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". There will be two exclamation marks for the "Mass storage controller" and "Unknown device" in the device manager. Intel 4965 Wifi, Marvell network controller, and Conexant modem drivers are included in Windows 7. You can update them if necessary. Download the appropriate 32/ 64-bit drivers wherever applicable.

2. Intel PM965/ GM965 chipset software
Download link :
Open the "Run" command from start, browse to "infinst_autol.exe", add "-overall" without the quotes with a space after infinst_autol.exe to update all possible chipset devices. You can check the devices updated during the installation process. Reboot as required. When you are updating to this version, you must re-install the SATA/ AHCI driver, as this version of the chipset software overwrites the SATA driver installed already with a older driver. This re-install is not required if the chipset software is installed after the clean install of Windows 7.

3. Intel Rapid Storage Technology (SATA/AHCI) driver 10.​​1.​​0.​​1008:
32-bit :
64-bit :
From the device manager, right click the "Intel(R) ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller" (Standard AHCI controller - clean install) and update the driver by browsing to the downloaded "f6flpy-x86/" folder. Reboot as required.

4. Nvidia 257.41 WHQL driver (MS Update) :
Use this driver if you prefer a digitally signed driver.
32-bit driver:
64-bit driver:
You should extract the downloaded cab file using 7-Zip or Uniextract. Run the setup.exe in the driver package to install.

Nvidia Verde 270.61 WHQL driver (Vaio FZ only) :
32-bit driver:
64-bit driver:

Extract the downloaded driver using 7-zip/ Uniextract. Now download the attached "Nvidia" zip file (see end of the guide), and extract the appropriate 32/ 64-bit "nvszc" inf file. Copy/ replace the "nvszc" inf file into "Display.Driver" folder of the extracted driver package. It is recommended to uninstall your current GPU driver and restart before installing the new driver. Disable any Antivirus software, and run the "setup" in the driver pack. In the Nvidia install screen, choose "Custom Install", uncheck "Nvidia Update", 3D Vision components, check "Physx system software" if you want Physx, check "Perform Clean install", and click next to continue. Ignore the Windows security warning to finish installing the driver, and restart as prompted.

Uniextract download link :
7-zip download link : 7-Zip

4.1 Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator driver 15.​12.​75.​4.​1930

Install this driver if your FZ has an Intel GMA X3100.
32-bit driver :
64-bit driver :

5. Alps Touchpad driver (32/ 64-bit):
Run the "setup.exe" inside the driver package and reboot as required.

6. Texas Instruments Memory card driver
Run the setup.exe in the driver package.

7. IDT / Sigmatel Audio modded driver 6.10.6224.7 (With Stereo Mix support):
Driver Download link :
Modded ini/ inf download (for FZ only) :
Supported Vaio Hardware ID's:

Extract the downloaded driver using 7-zip/ Uniextract. Copy and replace all the files from the modded "" file into the WDM\ Vista folder in the extracted driver. Run the setup, click "Install driver software anyway", and restart as prompted. To use the Stereo Mix, enable it in the recording devices, set it as default, and increase the level to 100.

8. Ricoh (Sony VGP-VCC4) camera driver 6.1008.207.0:

Ricoh (Sony VGP-VCC8) camera driver 6.1004.211.0: (for FZ-2xx and later models)

Extract the downloaded exe file using Universal extractor software with the default settings. From the device manager go to Imaging devices, click "USB video device" and right click to update the driver by browsing to the extracted driver folder.

9. Sony image filter driver (only needed for Vaio camera capture utility-optional)
Use the method in step 8 to extract and run the driver installer.

10. Sony Shared Library
Download link :
Run the setup & reboot as required.

11. SFEP (Sony Firmware Extension Parser driver)
The updated version resolves an issue where random BSOD occurs in Windows 7. Update the driver for the unknown device from device manager. Reboot after installing, even if not prompted.

12. Setting Utility Series
Extract the exe using Uniextract and run the setup.exe inside the "tempexe" folder.

Setting Utility Series Update version :
Resolves an issue where the "S" shortcut key cannot be programmed to launch an installed application after a previous shortcut application is removed
Run the setup as above.

13. Vaio Event Service
Follow the procedure in step 12 to install.

Vaio Event Service Update
This utility installs an updated version of the VAIO Event Service to resolve an issue where the system does not properly adjust the image size to fit the TV screen when connected to HDTV via an HDMI connection.
Download link:
Follow the installation procedure above.

14. Vaio Camera Capture Utility (optional)
Install using the method in step 12.

15. Toshiba Bluetooth Stack 7.10.16:
64-bit :
32-bit :
TosBtMng.exe patch :

Run the setup to install. Do not open the application or restart now. Download/ extract the TosBtMng.exe from the link above, copy and replace this file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack. Now restart and use the full functional application. The patched TosBtMng.exe removes the 30-day trial limitation from the stack. Thanks to the Original Patcher.

If you are not going to use the BT stack all the time, disable the BT radio by right clicking the BT icon or from the stack, exit the application, and disable the two BT processes from startup in Msconfig.

Broadcom Bluetooth Stack (for FZ2XX and later models)
32-bit :
64-bit :

16. Vaio Power Management (optional - not needed):
Run the setup.exe to install and reboot as required.

17. Vaio Control Center
Follow the procedure in step 12 to install and reboot.

18.Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
64-bit driver:
32-bit driver:
Run the exe file to install the driver.

19. Marvell Network Controller driver update (optional):
64-bit driver: Marvell: Download Drivers
32-bit driver: Marvell: Download Drivers
Update using device manager.

20.1. WebCam Companion® 3 Software (Replaces Sony image filter driver and Vaio Camera utility)
Follow the procedure in step 12 to install.

20.2. ArcSoft Magic-i™ Visual Effects Software (Optional - for adding special effects)
Follow the procedure in step 12 to install.

S-button: (thanks to NBR users ZoinksS2k and Kaloo for their posts)
Instructions and the necessary modified files are attached (Special for S button functionality. You should be able to change the S button setting from a drop down list now. All I did was to include the FZ's model ID in the Setting utility series and Vaio Control center config files. The model config file (M18999.xml) has the S button setting with the settings as func ID's from C:\ProgramData\Sony Corporation\Setting Utility Series\Function. This process also brings up Vaio status monitor, HDMI resolution setting, Video&Photo color setting, Button setting, and Document Zoom in the Vaio Control center. See attached Vaio Control Center picture for available options and settings.

Vaio Launcher (AV Mode button) (optional - needed to make AV button functional)
Run the setup.exe using the method described in step 9. The AV mode button's function is useless. You can edit the registry to make the button launch useful apps. Open "regedit", navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sony Corporation\VAIO Launcher\AV Mode Launcher (No Wow6432Node for 32-bit). Double click "InstalledAVmodeLauncher" to modify the the path to launch your own programs.

Wireless Switch Switching Utility : This doesn't work as expected with 64-bit. But you can switch the wireless band (2.4/5 GHz) from the advanced properties of the Intel 4965 adapter. Double click the Intel 4965 adapter in device manager, click the "Advanced" tab, change the "Wireless mode" in the Property pane, and change the value (a - 5 Ghz, b - 2.4 GHz, g - 2.4 GHz, default - a/b/g and n enabled). Right click the "Generic Bluetooth Adapter/ Bluetooth USB Controller(ALPS/UGPZ6)" from device manager and disable the Bluetooth radio, but the blue light will be ON still. This utility works fine in 32-bit after some hacking.
Thanks to user Vadja73 for finding the hack and Gary for testing/ making it work in the FZ-190.
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